Johnson County
for Water Quality

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Report a problem

Emergency contact numbers for spills, disposal options, etc…

To report a polluter or dumping or to report a clogged storm sewer drain, please call the number that corresponds with the site of the problem.

 Greenwood Engineering Department   317-887-5230

 Town of Whiteland    317-535-6359  or  535-5531   ext 0, 1, 2

 Town of New Whiteland   317-535 4664   during regular hours  317-535-9781   after hours, weekends, or holidays

 Town of Bargersville   317-422-3124

 Town of Edinburgh   812-526-3530

 City of Franklin   317-736-3640 x 1280

 Johnson County Drainage Board   317-346-4342 For household hazardous waste disposal options, call the Johnson County   Solid Waste Management District at    317-738-2546