Johnson County
for Water Quality

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Johnson County Indiana
Partnership for Water Quality


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What is stormwater runoff? Storm water is simply water that falls onto the ground from rain or snow events. The water that does not soak into the ground is called Stormwater runoff.

As stormwater runs off lawns, roofs, driveways, parking lots, and roads, it can flow into our wetland, streams, lakes, and the ocean and carry pollutants it picks up along the way.

These pollutants can include oil, grease, gasoline, lead, and cadmium from the roads; pesticides, herbicides and animal waste from the residential areas and farmlands; and dirt from construction sites, to name a few.

Why does it matter?All these contaminants end up in our waterways and impact shellfish beds, fish, and animal habitat, recreational swimming and even drinking water.

To stop pollution, we all need to do our part and change our habits. Everyone’s efforts will make a difference.

The Johnson County Partnership for Water Quality was established to provide a safe and healthy environment by protecting Johnson County waterways.

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